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The Meatball Shop – Thanksgiving special

I’m skeptical of restaurants that specialize in one particular item, since they tend not be very good. The Meatball Shop is a notable exception. Following the well-deserved acclaim and success of their Lower East Side restaurant, Daniel Holzman (executive chef) and Michael Chernow (general manager) have expanded into two new locations: Williamsburg and the West Village. If you’ve ever been to the original Meatball Shop, you’ll know that noise and tight seating ensured having a casual conversation was nearly impossible. Fortunately, the location in the village, only two weeks old, has the same menu in a slightly more upscale setting.

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Num Pang – already tastes like Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Num Pang‘s Cambodian-themed sandwiches. After a long morning in the office, I made the 1-mile journey to try one of their seasonal specials. The Roasted Figs and Bacon sandwich was sold out, so I happily settled on the Oven Roasted Turkey ($8.25). It’s never too early for a taste of Thanksgiving .

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