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Mamoun’s vs Taim – best falafel of the village

Mamoun’s is the popular choice for many falafel-lovers, but a few blocks north and a few more blocks west is Taim, another falafel joint. I skipped breakfast so that I could compare both of their sandwiches over lunch.

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Kuti’s Place

The Grade Pending sign should have tipped me off, but I proceeded to see what a Middle Eastern-West African fusion was all about. I ordered the Lamb Chawarma (sliced lamb, parsley, salad, tomato, ras-el-hanout, tahini) for $6 on a wrap instead of a baguette, which was actually a hero. I had money left over to ask about their homemade juices, but they don’t make that anymore. Instead I got an order of falafel ($4; 5pcs).

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