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JG Melon – an UES bastion of a dismal burger

My map is pretty weak on Upper East Side locations, so I was eager to add JG Melon, an old school watering hole famous for its burgers. Although it looks much older, JG Melon has occupied the corner of 74th and 3rd since 1972. For almost four decades, this tavern has attracted a loyal following that consists primarily of UES Yuppies and old-money Ivy Leaguers. There was a wait for seats during lunch, but Aaron and I were able to grab a table in the crowded room towards the back.

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Kuti’s Place

The Grade Pending sign should have tipped me off, but I proceeded to see what a Middle Eastern-West African fusion was all about. I ordered the Lamb Chawarma (sliced lamb, parsley, salad, tomato, ras-el-hanout, tahini) for $6 on a wrap instead of a baguette, which was actually a hero. I had money left over to ask about their homemade juices, but they don’t make that anymore. Instead I got an order of falafel ($4; 5pcs).

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