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I will no longer be updating (this site). Instead you should check out! The site still needs some fine-tuning to look like the original blog, but I’ll get there soon.

You’ll want to clear your cache first.


Review site (Yelp) won’t tolerate criticism

Before, I took my first baby steps into food reviewing on Yelp. It was an awkward foray into what would become a new hobby. Within about four months, I contributed over 100 reviews which were popular based on Yelp’s metrics. However, I was never comfortable with the community. Over 90% of their reviews are pathetic attempts at humour or personal stories having little to do with the food. This behavior, most prevalent among the Yelp Elites, eventually led me to start my own blog so I could isolate myself from the imbecility. For many weeks, my only use of Yelp was to submit partial reviews ending with a link to EatLoveNY.

Last night, I had a question that I posted onto Yelp Talk (the site’s internal forum). Despite receiving no replies to my inquiry, I was informed today that my account had been closed. I’m guessing I ticked someone off. I’ve recreated my question it as best I could…

Negative ROTD question
Has anyone ever seen a 1, 2, or even 3 star review as a Review of the Day? Whenever I check the home page, there’s (often) a poorly written review lauding a business. Is Yelp afraid to highlight criticism?
[Also, please stop WRITING LIKE THISS!! lol, OMFG YUMMY!]

(The last bit was a jab at the 90% of Yelpers whose writing has the sophistication of a Facebook status).

It’s embarrassing that the multi-million dollar behemoth review site would rather delete my account than answer a legitimate question, especially considering that I amassed over 180 reviews with them. You may have also noticed that  my reviews on EatLoveNY always begin with a link to Yelp. I’ve contacted them and am waiting for a response…

10 lessons learned

I’ve been eating out every day for the last six months, and have been exposed to lots of good and bad restaurants. Here’s a list of lessons I learned along the way…

1.When unsure of what to order – The first item on a menu is almost always either a popular dish or a specialty. It’s a good rule of thumb if you’re ever in doubt about what to get and the waiter isn’t helpful. This applies for the appetizers, entrees, and especially dessert.

2. A note on health ratings – A restaurant with a B health rating is usually a sign of bad food. I never let a B stop me from walking in, but I’ve realized that I tend to be disappointed more often at these places. One exception is in Chinatown eateries. You only should start to worry when there’s a C health rating.

3. Don’t stick with just water – Always order a drink with your food, unless you can only choose from Coke, Sprite etc. This rule is especially important if you’re eating at an exotic restaurant. Quite often, the food and drink will pair well together.



4. Learn the art of chopsticks – This doesn’t concern many of you who already are skilled in chopstick-use, but I wasn’t when I first started (and still am not). If you’re eating Asian food, put the fork down and pick up a pair of chopsticks. If you’re starving, you’ll learn pretty quickly.

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“Pork and Booze!”

Caritas had to interview me for an assignment, so we met up at her step-mother’s cool apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. I met her brothers and caught up with David. Dinner was fantastic. I wish I could have taken better pictures, but it might have been inappropriate over dinner. I had such a great time. Lisa is wonderful! Thank you for hosting such a fun evening with delicious food!

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