Num Pang – already tastes like Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Num Pang‘s Cambodian-themed sandwiches. After a long morning in the office, I made the 1-mile journey to try one of their seasonal specials. The Roasted Figs and Bacon sandwich was sold out, so I happily settled on the Oven Roasted Turkey ($8.25). It’s never too early for a taste of Thanksgiving .

All of Num Pang’s sandwiches come with cucumbers, pickled carrots, cilantro and chili mayo. It amazes me why anyone in the area would buy a foot-long from Subway when this is the epitome of freshness. The bread used to make the sandwich is baked daily by the famous Parisi Bakery in Little Italy. Even at the late lunch hour that I arrived, it was still fresh and toasted perfectly. Despite the apparently small size, Num Pang isn’t cheap with the quantity of meat they give. On top of that, the quality is just as impressive. My usual gripe with thick slices of turkey meat is that it tends to be dry. This wasn’t the case for the Oven Baked Turkey Sandwich, which was additionally glazed with a spiced cranberry apple chutney.

Forgetting that I was allergic to apples, I ordered the Hot Ginger Apple Cider ($2.25) and continued the theme of trying their seasonal flavors. Made with Bourbon-infused Roma apple chunks, it arrived in a simple paper cup. The cider tasted a lot like a liquid apple pie, except there was an invigorating burn that warmed my throat on every sip. There are soft chunks of apple that you can scoop out after you’re done. My only concern was that I wish it arrived hotter, instead of just warm, but I’m in nit-picking territory right now.

As usual, the service at Num Pang was excellent for a casual lunch spot. Just don’t ask for any alterations (if you’re allergic, it’s worth the risk). So far, I’ve ignored the rest of their menu outside of sandwiches, but plan on coming back for the Pumpkin Soup (w/ coconut cream and basil croutons). I would eat lunch here every day, but have a feeling you might get sick of reading about the same place all the time. Check it out and you’ll understand why I love Num Pang so much.

Num Pang (site) ★★★★★
140 E 41st St (between Lexington Ave & 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10017
Neighborhoods: Midtown East, Murray Hill


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