Ray’s Pizza on Prince St. closing this weekend

The New York Times’ blog reports that Ray’s Pizza, will be closing for good this weekend. I don’t mean the chain pizzeria that falsely brands itself as the Original Ray’s (I wish they would close instead). This Ray’s on 27 Prince Street, right in the heart of Little Italy, is the actual original pizzeria. Of course, authenticity means nothing unless the pizza is good. I reviewed them a few weeks ago and had a fantastic slice. The Times sat down with Helen Mistretta, the 79-year old owner and cousin of founder Ralph Cuomo, who cited high rent as a reason for being unable to continue running the business. It’s a shame since their pizza is so much better than the imposter’s. This will most likely be your last opportunity to try a slice of the real Ray’s Pizza, so be sure to grab a slice before it’s gone forever this weekend. There are usually no lines, but I suspect that loyal fans like myself will be there to say goodbye.

Ray’s Pizza ★★★★★
27 Prince St (between Elizabeth St & Mott St) map
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Little Italy


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