Wechsler’s Currywurst at Grub Street

I had trouble pronouncing Wechsler’s Currywurst Bratwurst, but I had no trouble handing over $5 for what was supposed to be high quality meat. Currywurst, which is a German fast-food, happens to be Wechsler’s specialty. They take sliced pork/veal sausage and grill it until it’s juicy. The main attraction is actually the sweet ketchup they use, which is mixed with a heavy dose of curry powder. It’s so popular that the German’s have a museum devoted to it.

You’re left with slices of highly flavorful bratwurst meat. Each bite ranges from sweet to savory with a dash of spice. The food came with a sliced roll, which was actually quite hard and unpleasant. I also would have enjoyed the meat even more if it had some spots of charring on it, which would have added another dimension of taste. Overall, it’s fantastic bar food. I expect that the ingredients would be fresher at their location (as opposed to a food fair), so that may render my concern about the bread moot. Maybe I can even ask them if they’d char the sausage for me? Either way, Wechsler’s is cheap and gives a wide range of flavors in their juicy sausage. Even if you’re not into German beer, it’s worth the trip to the East Village.

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Wechsler’s Currywurst Bratwurst (site) ★★★★☆
120 1st Ave (between 7th St & St Marks Pl) map
New York, NY 10009
Neighborhood: East Village


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