Shaved Ice Shop at Grub Street

I’ve long been a fan of this small stand. My regular walks during the summer to Hester Street Fair were never complete without something from The Shaved Ice Shop, available only on weekends. The team here serves up Taiwanese shaved ice for $6. It’s a pricey sweet treat, but it’s worth it. One of the summer things (besides the weather) that I miss most is this stand. Shaved ice from Chinatown restaurants is just not the same. It was a mix of good news and sad news that October 23rd was the last day this year that I’d be able to get myself a taste of the summer once again at the Grub Street Food Festival.

I went with my favorite toppings: strawberry, mango, and mixed jelly with a scoop of mango sorbet. Drizzled on top of this sweet snowball was condensed milk. Given the multitude of toppings available, it was hard to get bored. Each spoonful brought another taste to my tongue. The only regret I had was getting the mango while it was past season. I should have replaced it with what my friend Andy got, their Fruity Pops topping (a mix of Fruity Pebbles and pop rocks). The flavor combinations are nearly endless. You can also switch out the mango sorbet for green tea. I look forward to being first in line when they’re back next year.

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The Shaved Ice Shop (site) ★★★★★
Hester Street Fair


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