Luke’s Lobster at Grub Street

Unsurprisingly pricey for a fair (it is a lobster after all), half of a roll from the Luke’s Lobster booth cost me $8. I was pleased to see a generous portion of lobster meat between the bread. The food arrives 315 miles from Maine and manages to stay fresh, even at a mobile stand like this. Served chilled and topped with butter and spices, it was seasoned appropriately (also adjustable).

The one gripe I had was with the low quality of the bread. I understand that the focus is on the seafood, but for $8 I was expecting to get my lobster between something that doesn’t taste like soft cardboard. The chances of me ordering this again are slim. You won’t get full off of half a roll, but it is worth trying. It tasted a lot fresher than many of the restaurant lobsters I’ve had. Despite becoming quite a chain in Manhattan, Luke’s Lobster has its priorities on seafood quality. I just hope they bring the same attention to the rest of the roll.

Luke’s Lobster (site) ★★★★☆
Multiple locations – map


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