Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale at Grub Street

When you think of ginger ale, what probably comes to mind is a familiar green can. Hardly anyone thinks of actual ginger, and most people (myself included) have never tried real ginger ale. Nowadays, soda companies have substituted the old way of making this drink by replacing ginger with gingery syrup and carbonated water. Bruce Cost makes it the traditional way: ginger roots, cane sugar, and water. I grabbed a bottle of their original flavor ($3) at the Grub Street Food Festival. Because it’s unfiltered, there were pieces of ginger that settled on the bottom of this pale-yellow drink.

At first sip, I didn’t know what to expect from unusually natural beverage, but I wasn’t at all disappointed. After a quick sip from the cloudy bottle, I tasted a refreshing mix of spice and tart. I didn’t, but should’ve, expected the spice since it was made with ginger. Lightly fizzy and invigorating, this drink would go well with a cocktail. Bruce Cost has already thought about that and included a recipe book. If you’d like to try some, but missed out on Grub Street Food Festival, you can find some Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale at some of my favorite restaurants. You can order a case of them too, something I’m tempted to do right now.

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Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale (site) ★★★★★
Where to buy in New York


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