Sam Sifton’s reflections on being a NY Times food critic

Sam Sifton, pictured on the right with some doodles, left his position as The New York Times’ food critic after two years to accept a promotion at the Times’ national desk. In his last article, “The Reviewing Life,” he discusses the highs and lows of the job. Sifton is infamous for his thoughtful and witty style of writing. He was the authority on quality, dining at the city’s finest and most popular restaurants in anonymity (or so he tried). As an amateur food reviewer, I have my own collection of stories ranging from the food to the service of a restaurant. As a professional, Sifton seems to have seen it all. He briefly talks about his favorite meals etched into his memory (one was at Masa, the most expensive restaurant in NYC). He also mentions his worst experience, at Hotel Griffou, where the “chorizo-stuffed squid…tasted of rubber and sawdust, as if it had been fashioned at a sex-toy factory.”

Take a look at the rest of his reviews. Most of the places he reviewed are beyond my budget, but they’re worth reading. I’ve picked out a few favorites, and if you like what you see, I’ve included Eater’s handy list of his reviews over the last two years.

On Ingesting KFC’s New Product, the “Double Down”‘ – Sifton’s painfully amusing review of KFC’s Double Down

Xiao Ye” – Sifton’s review of Eddie Huang’s LES restaurant; this was fun to read

Eater’s list of Sifton’s reviews


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