Doughnut Plant – (seasonal) pumpkin doughnut!

I was feeling especially gluttonous today so I decided to sneak in a doughnut on my morning walk. Doughnut Plant was nearby, and instead of getting my favorite, the coconut flavor, I went with a seasonal doughnut that they started selling a few days ago. I’m usually averse to pumpkin in dessert, finding the texture to be overwhelmingly heavy and thick. I had trust in Mark Israel, so I asked for one of the pumpkin yeast doughnuts (they also have a cake doughnut).

The pumpkin flavor was very faint, and there was more of a cinnamon flavor. I did like the nuttiness of the toasted, caramelized pumpkin seeds coating the top of the doughnut. The pumpkin-spiced glazing reminded me of all good things autumn: dead leaves, chilly mornings, and of course, pumpkins. As always, the doughnuts are soft and fresh at Doughnut Plant. For the best experience, set your alarm to wake you up early. This is my rule for all bakery goods. Trust me, it’s worth it.

It’s definitely starting to feel (and taste) like autumn. Grab yourself one of these treats before they’re gone. They are seasonal, so will only be available for a few weeks! If you miss out, it’ll be another year before you can try it. Be sure to check out my Doughnut Plant collection if you haven’t already.

Doughnut Plant ★★★★★
379 Grand St (between Essex St & Norfolk St) map
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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