Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop – the spicy rizzak

I’ve had Tiny’s on my list for a while, but had doubts about how good a sandwich could taste. My hipster-sense went off, but the server was such a nice guy. RealCheapEats told me to go for the Spicy Rizzak ($9.80 w/ tax) and I wasn’t arguing.

The sandwich arrived warm and surrounded by potato chips. The seminola bread was fresh and crispy, so good I could have eaten it by itself. Turkey, which is pretty bland, was make delicious by being layered with raw onions and hot chipotle mayo. There was an extra savory crunch from the bacon bits, and the melted cheddar was even delicious. Be careful about your breath afterwards. Those raw onions are no joke. There was an acute spiciness that had my tongue tingling throughout the meal. I thoroughly enjoyed this spicy tease.

Yes, at about $10, it’s pricey. The experience I had with all of those flavors is absolutely worth it. This was easily one of my favorite sandwiches.

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop ★★★★★
129 Rivington St (between Essex St & Norfolk St) map
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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