Tanto Dulce Cafe – a gem in Harlem

Tanto Dulce Cafe is a small, charming cafe nestled in the middle of what can generously be described as a food wasteland. It’s a gem among a series of bodega-delis and fast food joints. Whenever I meet a friend in the neighborhood, Tanto Dulce cafe is usually the go-to spot.

Seating is very tight, and people can easily get comfortable in this environment so good luck. I ordered a cappuccino to start, and it really wasn’t good at all. It was heavily burnt rather than feel relaxed (the reason I got it), I was uncomfortable.

We waited about 20-25 minutes for our Grilled Chicken sandwich on a baguette to arrive. Fortunately, the food was fantastic. The salad was on point and the mashed potatoes were warm and creamy. The sandwich was phenomenal. The bread was fresh and the thin strips of chicken were juicy and cooked very well. The brilliant addition that sets this sandwich apart has to be the cranberry mayo they use. It’s really something else, and unfortunate that they don’t use it in every sandwich.

I’m docking off a point for the lateness and there’s no excuse for a cafe to have bad cappuccino. Still at $8, this sandwich is worth the trip uptown. Plan your next brunch or lunch at Tanto Dulce.

Tanto Dulce Cafe ★★★★☆
3446 Broadway (between 140th St & 141st St) map
New York, NY 10031
Neighborhood: Harlem


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