Stanton Pizza’s overconfident owner

Such high ratings for a place that simply calls itself “Pizza?” I had to investigate. The plain slice was highly recommended by Yelpers, and it also happens to be the best test of quality. For only $2, this was a cheap experiment. I talked to the owner, who boasted about how brilliant his food is, crediting it to the expensive cheese he purchases.

All I needed was a bite. I wasn’t impressed, or as impressed as all of you were at least. The sauce was too sweet and too thickly pasted on, a telltale bad sign. Despite the chest-thumping about excellent cheese, there was too much, rendering that point moot. Although it was crispy, the crust was too thin to handle all of that. I do appreciate a thin, crispy crust. For $2, this is still the best pizza in the neighborhood. It’s easily the cleanest as well.

Stanton Pizza ★★★☆☆
127 Stanton St (between Essex St & Norfolk St) map
Manhattan, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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