Souvlaki GR – from truck to restaurant

A friend and I came in for takeout, but I got a chance to walk in and see how neat Souvlaki GR is. It’s beautifully decorated and there’s fantastic Greek music playing. Karen and I checked their menu and went for the Bifteki Sandwich ($5.50; beef & spices in a pita w/ feta, tomato, red onion, and tzatziki sauce) with an order of Greek Fries w/ feta ($5) to share.

We settled on a park bench to chow down. I’m very averse to Greek food and tzatziki sauce, finding it too salty for my taste. Souvlaki GR was no different, but they did a great job of balancing the sandwich with other flavors and spices. The meat and red onions in particular stood out, probably because they weren’t drowning in tzatziki sauce. The pita wasn’t so bad either. It was fluffy and fresh even in the late afternoon.

The fries were soft, but fortunately not damp. They were seasoned evenly and I was glad we didn’t get the boring plain fries. I’m struggling to give the 5 stars, but I think Souvlaki GR deserves it in price, decor, service, and taste. This review is coming from someone who generally dislikes Greek food. Impressive.

Souvlaki GR ★★★★★
116 Stanton St (between Ludlow St & Essex St)
Manhattan, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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