Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli

I was in the mood for banh mi, hoping Saigon Viet Sandwich Deli would satisfy me. I walk in and order a number 3 for $4.50 (minced pork glazed) and sit in the far corner, where the girl brings me my sandwich.

I unwrap it and am pleased to see it’s moderately warm, but not for long. Taking a bite into the sandwich, I realize the bread has gotten tough and that the veggies have lost some of their freshness. The minced pork though was pleasantly moist and had a subtle sweetness to it, so not overly glazed.

I did have a problem with the flies whizzing around the deli. Normally I wouldn’t care, but these were different, refusing to move when you wave your hand. I got so frustrated I had to kill one with my bag, and it was soon replaced by another larger one. I look up and see that there’s a B health rating on the window, which usually doesn’t faze me. However that was the tipping point and I gave up trying to protect my sandwich, tossing the rest of it out.

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli ★★★☆☆
369 Broome St (between Elizabeth St & Mott St) map
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhoods: Little Italy


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