Pate a choux puffs at Panade Cafe

Panade Cafe must have had the small, older location open today, because where my friend and I went to was tiny and looked nothing like the images I was seeing on Yelp. It wasn’t so bad because it was empty inside. The person who I presumed was the owner was really nice to us and gave me a regular Cheese Puff for free instead of a mini that came with the check-in. We also got the Banana and the Vanilla w/ Raspberries ($2 each).

They use pate a choux dough to make flaky, light puffs that are filled with sweet or savory items. The puffs were crispy, not really soft and fluffy like I imagined, so I was a little turned off by them. The filling was good, but nothing to be stoked about. I’m rounding up because of how nice they were to me. I have trouble calling them a cafe though. The coffee I ordered (no milk/sugar to mask the taste) was pretty unpleasant, though cheap ($1.25 for a small).

Panade Cafe ★★★★☆
129 Eldridge St (between Broome St & Delancey St) map
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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