Ost Cafe – the ideal coffee shop

Ost Cafe is an exceptional coffee shop in the East Village, a place littered with cool cafes on every block (Starbucks wouldn’t survive a day around here). What struck me immediately was that it looked more like a bar that was brightly-lit (courtesy of the sunshine streaming in through the open floor-to-ceiling window/doors).

I saw people parked in the limited seating area with their MacBooks, clearly staying for longer than they should be. I ordered a macchiato ($3.50) priced higher than I was used to, but I supposed that’s expected if they’re trying to make up for those of you who insist on camping here. The macchiatio was fantastic. Ost Cafe’s baristas know how to make an excellent cup of anything I”m sure. I’d like to come back, especially in the winter. I imagine it would be a wonderful experience. Yes, It’s one of those cafes.

Ost Cafe ★★★★★
441 E 12th St (between 1st Ave & Avenue A) map
New York, NY 10009
Neighborhoods: East Village


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