New Kam Hing Coffee Shop’s famous sponge cake

I decided to give New Kam Hing place another try despite my initial mediocre review. With lower expectations, I asked for one of their 70 cent sponge cakes. The guy behind the counter was friendly and let my friend and I have a seat at the tiny table that had someone’s clothes and drink on it. I ate it slowly, ripping it apart piece-by-piece. This prevented me from getting thirsty and losing focus on the cake.

It was moist, fluffy, and light. The only thing that could have made this sponge cake better is if it was warm. I don’t think that’s possible given that they had over a hundred ready to be sold. This cake is good, cheap, and the guys running it are really nice (they apparently learned Chinese because of so many loyal customers). It is extremely over-hyped though. Consider whether the qualities I mentioned are unusual for a Chinatown bakery. They aren’t.

New Kam Hing Coffee Shop ★★★★☆
119 Baxter St (between Canal St & Hester St) map
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhoods: Little Italy, Chinatown


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