Melt Bakery – the Lovlett (red velvet) sandwich

Unfortunately, my favorite stand (Shaved Ice Shop) wasn’t at the Hester Street Fair, so I decided to see what the hype was about and give Melt Bakery a try with my friend Nathan. It was an overcast day, but that wasn’t stopping me from enjoying a summer treat.

Of the four options available I had no trouble choosing the Lovelett sandwich, which was two soft red velvet cookies with cream cheese ice cream. The guy told us that we’d have to wait a few minutes for defrosting. No kidding. I feel I may have enjoyed it more if I left it out for 5 minutes longer. Still, I found it to be pretty good, light on the sweetness, but that also came with a lightness in the intensity of the flavor. It was hardly there actually. I’ll come back just to make sure it wasn’t my taste buds that became numb from eating too soon though. At $4 a piece, these treats are priced on the higher end of what’s reasonable.

Melt Bakery ★★★★☆
132 Orchard Street (between Delancey St & Rivington St)
Manhattan, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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