Kung Fu Tea’s premium bubble tea

The first one I had was expected to have been my last, but Kung Fu Tea was receiving a lot of attention and I might as well be fair and give bubble teas another chance.

Unsure of what to get, the drink mixer guided me to the wall, where the WOW drinks were. He tried explaining it to me, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I was going to have to find out myself by getting a Jelly WOW Milk ($4, medium).

The tea was absolutely delicious. It tasted creamy, almost silky and the tapioca balls were fun to chew on. The flavor was very light, which was a good thing for me. It was really the texture that I was enjoying. There was a slight sweetness to the jelly, but it was nothing excessive. I would definitely come back, but I wish they’d price themselves better. My friend got a bubble tea for half the price nearby, although it wasn’t as good.

Kung Fu Tea ★★★★☆
73 Chrystie St
(between Canal St & Hester St)
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhoods: Chinatown


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