il laboratorio del gelato – good, not great

A friend and I walked in and found no line, not unusual on such a brisk autumn day. We were taken aback by how much it resembled an actual laboratory: cold, clean, and mechanical. Our server was very terse, somewhat robotic, and the atmosphere seemed to have a fun-killing vibe about it. We quickly chose a cup of Thai Chili Chocolate + Vanilla Chocolate Chip, and a cup of Raspberry and Fresh Mint ($4.25 ea).

The charm of under-decorating faded when I had to sit on their uncomfortable steel bench though. Here are my thoughts on the gelato:Thai Chili Choc. – The most interesting flavor. It tastes like standard chocolate gelato, but after a few seconds the spice kicks in. I was impressed that it didn’t taste awful because of the sweet/spicy fusion. I doubt you’ll find this flavor anywhere else, so give it a try..

Vanilla Choc. Chip – It was okay. Try something different.

Raspberry – Creamy and tarty. I found it satisfying, but was given very little of it (they ran out).

Fresh Mint – The winner. I read that they use mint leaves, as opposed to an extract. It tasted refreshing, and the intensity of the flavor was just right. I see that it’s it’s a clear favorite among Yelpers.

Amorino is about a mile away. For the same price I can get unlimited flavors and won’t be limited to two samplings. I can also have a seat, a server with a pulse, and whipped cream for free. In summation, I’d give 3.5 stars, but will round up because of a few exceptional flavors. I’ll be  back for round two, when I hope they have Strawberry & Champagne.

il laboratorio del gelato ★★★★☆
95 Orchard St (between Broome St & Delancey St) map
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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