Golden Steamer’s buns

I stopped by with a friend to these steamed buns. From what I gathered, Pumpkin and Roast Pork were popular, so I got two of each (70 cents ea). Aaron got three of the sesame seed buns, egg custard buns, and egg custard tarts (all less than $4). We quickly realized we ended up with more food than we could possibly eat in one sitting.

Steamed Pork – The filling wasn’t spectacular, which is what I expected from all these reviews. At best it tasted alright, though overpowered by the thick and slightly dry bun.

Pumpkin Bun – By no means can I call this a dessert, since it was lacking in even a subtle sweetness. Since the pumpkin paste is heavy, a dry bun made eating this unpleasant. Don’t try this without a drink at hand.

Egg Custard Buns – The filling in these was actually pretty good. Given that these are smaller, there’s less bun to neutralize the filling.

The egg custard tarts and sesame seed buns were unremarkable, so I won’t bother reviewing them. I’m not going to hold it against them that they don’t understand English, like some Yelpers did. That’s part of the charm of Chinatown. But 4.5 stars is unreasonably high to rate Golden Steamer.

Golden Steamer ★★★☆☆
143-A Mott St (between Hester St & Grand St) map
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: Chinatown


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