Gimme Coffee – home of my favorite

The quirky name and the high reviews led me to Gimme! Coffee, continuing my mission of finding NYC’s best brew.

Unsure of what to order, I waited to see what was on the Featured Coffee list. I made a snap judgment to get Honduras Las Peñitas ($3), labeled to be a “new relationship coffee, melon and berry sweetness.” It sounded interesting and I had a feeling it could go one of two ways.

The staff was unusually friendly, talking me through the brewing process and I could tell they got along really well together and enjoyed their job.

The coffee was beyond delicious. I sat outside under the tree drinking it, wanting to chug the entire cup. I really could have drank a gallon of that coffee. It was creamy and smooth going down, and I didn’t even add milk/sugar to it. The coffee oil aroma didn’t have a burnt, dark, strong smell. It was very delicate and soft, pleasantly relaxing.

Where there’s good coffee, there are obnoxious hipsters. You’ve been warned.

Gimme! Coffee  ★★★★★
228 Mott St map
New York, NY 10079
Neighborhood: Little Italy


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