Everything Frosted – creative cupcakes

Despite walking this hilly street for years to get my dollar dumplings, I’ve never noticed this shop. I dislike cupcakes, because they’re usually too cloying for my taste, but reviews of Everything Frosted seemed to indicate an emphasis on flavor. I had to check it out.

I walk up the flight of stairs and chat with one of the brothers who owns the bakery. After deciding early on a Black Sesame cupcake with Green Tea frosting ($2.50), I noticed their other flavor combinations. They win points for creativity.

Unlike Crumbs, they have interesting flavor combinations (not Oreo and Hershey bar). I took a bite and was amazed at how soft the frosting was. The black sesame and green tea flavor really came through, an impressive feat since both are subtle flavors. The cake part was fresh, moist, and didn’t crumble at my fingertips.

The emphasis here is on flavor, not on a sugar-overdose of sweetness. I now have a favorite dessert spot after my dumpling feast.

Everything Frosted ★★★★★
105 1/2 Mosco St
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhoods: Chinatown


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