Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

No line on a brisk fall morning. Deciding what to get from CICF’s impressive selection of Chinese-themed flavors wasn’t a problem either. I came for the Almond Cookie and Zen Butter. Fortunately, both were available and I got a scoop of each ($6.50).

I started with a spoonful of their signature Almond Cookie, which basically had a vanilla base with crumbs of almond cookies. The aroma was spot on and the flavoring was accurate. Unfortunately, it felt very sticky, almost syrupy down my throat. I expected something lighter given the name. There were a few ice crystals because it was from a batch that was too fresh.

The Zen Butter was a mix of grounded white sesame seeds on a peanut butter base. The peanut butter was light (surprisingly) and overall it was unlike any flavor I’ve ever had before. The best description I can think of is a delicate nutty flavor. How would you describe the taste of a sesame seed? I suppose that’s how.

It’s priced high for the neighborhood, but because it’s a tourist hotspot, that is expected. Fortunately, the portions are reasonable. I will come back for the Dan Tat (egg custard).

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory ★★★★☆
65 Bayard St (between Elizabeth St & Mott St) map
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: Chinatown


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