Cafe Grumpy made me grumpy

I walked in to the small outpost that Cafe Grumpy opened up three months ago and asked the barista what he recommended. He was friendly (although I felt it was forced) and suggested the Guatemalan El Aragon ($3). I watched him brew the cup and asked about the cafe, which he remarked was “low key” and that they plan on “keeping it that way.

As I sat on the windowsill, I watched the customers file in, each one more hipster than the last. The guy sitting next to me was wearing a velvet blazer with a large flower attached to it, and of course, had the iconic mustache. I tried not to stare.

The coffee was pretty awful. It had a strong sour and bitter taste, and got progressively worse as I neared the bottom of the cup. It left an even worse aftertaste that I’m still trying to wash out. I’ll pass on Cafe Grumpy. The uninviting atmosphere could have been overlooked if they served good coffee.

Cafe Grumpy ★☆☆☆☆
13 Essex St (between Rutgers St & Division St)
Manhattan, NY 10002
Neighborhoods:  Lower East Side


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