Bread Talk – best dan tat in Chinatown?

Serious Eats did a test to see which bakery in Chinatown made the best egg custard tart. Bread Talk won, so I added it onto my list. I walk in with my friend Aaron and got two tarts for $1. They had a selection of other baked goods that we ignored, which was a challenge because it looked fresh and smelled tasty.

I bit into the tart and noticed the crust was flaky, and that I was making a mess all over the floor and table. This puff-pastry style crust was a nice change from the usual hard crust that you get at other bakeries.

The filling in this tart hit the right balance, and fortunately was not gelatin-like and rigid. Overall this was a strong egg custard tart, not at all too “eggy” in taste.

UPDATE: I’ve since become addicted to these treats. They are amazing.

Bread Talk ★★★★★
47 Catherine St (between Madison and Monroe)
Manhattan, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Chinatown


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