Barrio Chino – nothin’ Chinese about it

I came in for lunch with my friend Qi Fu. No long wait; it was actually empty inside, so I sat by their large windows, right by the dripping water. That, the mismatched chairs and peeling paint gave the restaurant a run-down look (in a nice way). There were Chinese paper lanterns and old Chinese posters on the aged brick walls. A+ on the decor.

I ordered what was recommended, deciding to share the Guacamole & Totopos (tortilla chips) and the Enchiladas Verdes, priced at $10 and $15 respectively.

The homemade chips were pretty good, but the guacamole was phenomenal. It was chunky and rich with flavor. It’s a shame we ran out of chips though.

The enchiladas were pretty good, although awkward to eat. They were soaked in something creamy (guacamole and beans?).

They don’t have a menu online, and the one on menupages is obsolete by $2 at least. Overall I felt the food was great, although it was pricey. I can’t imagine why. They’re clearly not paying for maintenance.

Barrio Chino ★★★★☆
253 Broome St (between Ludlow St & Orchard St) map
New York, NY 10002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side


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