Flor de Broadway – $5 lunch

Apparently there was a new restaurant by campus where I could eat like a king for $5. I decided to check it out during my break with Mo. The tables were empty, but the restaurant was very crowded and I could tell it was popular with the locals.

The menu was quite extensive and the rumor was true. Mo settled on the Baked Chicken ($5) and I chose a Cuban Sandwich ($4). Mo had trouble getting our order taken, which required standing by the counter until he was noticed. Eventually a friendly waitress came to us with the food.

The chicken was slightly over-salted, but not to an unreasonable degree. I would have liked if the beans were creamier. They tasted watered-down and weak in flavor.

My sandwich was pretty simple. They were very light on the cheese, which is a plus in my book. The meat looked and tasted like generic, supermarket ham, but I wasn’t expecting any different from such a cheap sandwich. It was good for the money, but I feel Mo had the better value in terms of quantity.

I was so stunned at how little my lunch would cost, I decided to get some dessert. We I asked for Tres Leches and Flan ($3 each). The dessert was made by Tanto Dulce Cafe, which is a local favorite of mine. I preferred the Tres Leches, but Mo found it overly sweet and ended up taking over the Flan. The icing on top of the Tres Leches wasn’t thick and sugary, and the cake was just as light despite being soaked in three milks.

The Flan should have been a little more creamier. I probably wouldn’t order this if I came back. Overall, Flor de Broadway is a safe and cheap place for lunch. Decent food is hard to find around CCNY, so this spot might be in my weekly rotation. It’s not the best place, but the price is hard to resist.

Flor De Broadway ★★★☆☆
3395 Broadway (between 137th St & 138th St) map
New York, NY 10031
Neighborhood: Harlem


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