Lunchtime Pancakes at Trufa

I spotted Trufa on my way to Tanto Dulce. There aren’t many decent options in this neighborhood, so I had my fingers crossed hoping this one would be a winner. The waitress greeted me warmly and closed the door when she noticed I was cold. As I waited for my pancakes to come, I made note of the aged brick walls and that there was more room in here than in Tanto. It was less homely, especially with pop music pumping through the speakers.

I was given raisin bread and spicy tomato sauce to start, which was good. I liked the sauce, but didn’t get enough to really know. The Buttermilk Pancakes w/ Vanilla Mascarpone ($7.50) were decent, but it’s hard to mess that one up. They were light, not at all greasy, and moderately firm. They could have been thicker, but for the price, I can’t complain.

Still hungry, and intrigued by the Spicy Fries ($2), I got an order of those. I think it’s this side order that will keep me coming back. Dusted with cayenne pepper, these fries were spot on on every factor. They were crispy, not burnt; soft inside, but not soggy; golden, but not greasy. I have to mention the exceptional service as well. The waitress was so nice, and really seemed to care. Can’t wait to come back for another lunch.

Trufa ★★★★☆
3431 Broadway (between 139th St & 140th St)
Manhattan, NY 10031
Neighborhood: Harlem


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